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Business IT Services Throughout Yorkshire

Initial Consultancy And Case Study >

  • We can give advice and recommendations on anything from a standalone PC to server clusters and corporate networking. Our approach is requirement based and you will never be sold a 'sledgehammer' to 'crack a nut'. With over 15 years worth of in-house IT expertise, you can rest assured the advice you receive will be current, relevant and appropriate.

Supply And Installation Of Network And Computer Related Hardware And Software >

  • Only trusted, reliable and realistically priced hardware is sourced from premier vendors such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Intel, D-Link, NEC, Samsung, Sony and APC. In Combination with the latest generation of Operating Systems and applications software from Microsoft and other partners we can guarantee your systems stability.

Network Support And Hardware Maintenance Contracts >

  • We offer support on all the networks/systems we install and will be happy to quote to cover an installation provided by a 3rd party. Whether it's a single or 50 user site, our support is keenly priced and service levels are excellent. The basic level of support provided gives direct telephone access to an engineer (no call queuing!) and instant remote support*. For total support cover, we also offer same/next working day onsite contracts.
    *remote support requires broadband connectivity to the network or server covered under the support agreement.

Secure Off-Site Data Backup In Wakefield >

  • Using beyond military grade encryption and Fast-Bit™ binary patching technology, we can quickly and securely store Gigabytes of data off site over a standard Broadband connection for added protection against theft, flood, fire etc. If you can't say for sure where your latest backup tape is right now, offsite backup is just the thing for you!

Antivirus, Email And Faxing >

  • We offer 100% 'in the wild' detection against Viri at extremely competitive pricing using an award winning Antivirus package. We can also offer an excellent alternative to Microsoft Exchange for smaller companies that require an Email solution without the extra expense.

Secure Remote Working >

  • Using a standard Broadband line coupled with the latest in VPN and Firewall technology we can install a permanently 'on' link between remote locations, whether office to office or home to office, your users will be able to access all your network resources as if they were in the same building. The VPN element provides a secure point to point 'tunnel' through which all data will pass in an encrypted form, eliminating the possibility of electronic 'eaves-dropping' and data theft.

Wireless Network Installations >

  • With proven and reliable hardware, we can provide a wire-free network environment to allow total roaming throughout your premises at the best wireless performance possible. As wireless connections do not suit every application, a viability assessment will be carried out beforehand.

Virus And Malware Removal And General PC Servicing >

  • To ensure your PC's give you the same performance as they did when they were first installed, we offer a 'tune-up service' which includes removing any malicious spy-ware, mal-ware and ad-ware that is usually responsible for PC slowdown. Removing the build-up of temporary files and making adjustments to the standard system settings will help in preventing future issues.

Network Support Cover >

  • To ensure your network remains stable and performs at its best, we undertake to make any required adjustments as and when they become necessary as part of your support contract. The connectivity of any attached devices to the network such as workstations and printers is also supported. In short, any fault attributable to either the Network Operating System, critical network devices such as hubs or switches or the software 'link' between supported devices is covered. Faults attributable to hardware failure may not be covered unless the appropriate level of support is in place. As part of any annual network support agreement, a full performance audit will be carried out on your network at least once per year by a fully trained network engineer and the results of which will be made available to you along with any observations and recommendations.

Hardware Maintenance Cover >

  • YBS operate on a comprehensive parts and labour, repair or replace basis for any items covered under a Hardware Support Contract. If repair on an item covered is not economical, the item will be replaced with a unit of the same or greater specification subject to availability. We now include 'Windows Recovery' as standard for workstations in that should a covered hard-disk fail, we will do our best to recover any information stored on the damaged drive and ensure that the new hard-disk is installed with a client provided, licensed copy of the required Operating System. Any setup required to re-attach the workstation to the network and restore its functionality will be carried out as part of the cover. While we will do our best to restore any applications or associated data to the workstation, this is sometimes impossible without a verified backup and as such we can not guarantee total restoration.

    A more detailed outline of our network and hardware support inclusions and omissions are contained in our Terms and Conditions which are available on request.

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